About me

Hi! I'm Anna, a Front-end Developer at Snyk in London in the UK. In 2013, I was awarded Netmag's Young Developer of the Year.

Photo by Jeffrey Zeldman

In 2015, I co-hosted a small-batch podcast with Brad Frost on Front-end Style Guides, and I've written a book on the topic. I'm also interested in the browsers on various game consoles, and I've made a site documenting these.

As well as developing websites, I'm also a Technical Editor for A List Apart, and I was the Technical Editor of the second edition of Ethan Marcotte's Responsive Web Design.

Every December, I co-produce 24 Ways.

Side projects

  1. Front-end Style Guides

    An e-book about style guides for people who build websites. Learn how to create comprehensive style guides for the web, whether you’re starting from scratch or assembling one for an existing site.

  2. Game Console Browsers

    A site that documents the range of browsers on game consoles. It includes stats on browser support, diagrams of the controllers, and screenshots of how sites display on the various devices.

  3. Style Guide Podcast

    A small-batch podcast about Style Guides and Pattern Libraries, which I co-hosted with Brad Frost. Each episode is 30 minutes long, and has a different guest talking about how they approach making style guides.

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  1. Interpretation

    Today I gave a talk at From the Front in Bologna, Italy. It's the first conference I've spoken at that has been simultaneously interpreted, and over the past few weeks I've been fretting about how it might turn out. My...


  2. Speaking, 2015

    After a long hiatus, I decided to start speaking at conferences again. Last year I dipped my toe back in the water, accepting a couple of speaking gigs in the UK. I get nervous speaking; it doesn't come at all...


  3. The most convenient tool for the job

    So, I recently bought a new lamp, and it had a part that needed unscrewing. Now, I've got a really fancy screwdriver. It's an ergonomic, ratcheting screwdriver and it's ace. But it was in my toolbox, and I just wanted...


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  1. Identity Assurance programme prototypes

    Government Digital Service (GDS)


    Front-end prototypes for the Identity Assurance programme that were iterated on and tested with users on a fortnightly to weekly basis.

  2. dConstruct 2009



    I worked on the HTML and CSS for Clearleft’s dConstruct 2009 website, using microformats to mark up the schedules and locations.

  3. Code for America

    Code for America, with Clearleft


    Front-end development with Clearleft, building a pattern library. Worked remotely with the Code for America team based in San Francisco.

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  1. DIBI

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Game Console Browsers

  2. Enhance

    London, England

    Game Console Browsers

  3. SmashingConf

    Spain, Barcelona

    Game Console Browsers

  4. Fronteers

    Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Front-end Style Guides

  5. WebExpo Prague

    Czech Republic, Prague

    Front-end Style Guides

  6. From The Front

    Italy, Bologna

    Front-end Style Guides

  7. UpFront Conference

    England, Manchester

    Game Console Browsers

  8. Dot York

    England, York

    Style Guides

  9. Lean UX London

    London, England

    Front-end Style Guides

  10. The Web Is

    Wales, Cardiff

    The Web Is Everywhere

  11. Mobilism

    Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Console Browsers, The Ultimate Torture Test

  12. Responsive Day Out

    England, Brighton

    Playing with Game Console Browsers

  13. Full Frontal

    England, Brighton

    Exploring the game console browser landscape

  14. UX Bootcamp

    England, London

    Prototying in Code

  15. Update

    England, Brighton

    The Digital Native

  16. UX Bootcamp

    England, London

    Prototying in Code

  17. Computing At School Conference

    England, Birmingham

    How to hack the web

  18. The Mini Web Conference

    England, Staffordshire

    Experience from a Web Designer

  19. Heart & Sole

    England, Portsmouth

    Starting out in the big wide web

  20. Be Bettr

    England, London

    The state of web education in schools

  21. Mozilla Drumbeat Festival

    Spain, Barcelona

    The current state of web education in schools

  22. Web Developer Conference 2010

    England, Bristol

    So you want to be a web developer

  23. London Web Standards

    England, London

    Web Standards Education

  24. Future of Web Design

    England, London

    Freelancer Survival Guide

  25. Barcamp London 7

    England, London

    CSS Nuggets

  26. Tomorrow's Web

    England, London

    A Teenager's Guide to Freelancing


  1. Shop Talk Show № 156

    With Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert

  2. Style Guide Podcast № 1-12

    With Anna Debenham and Brad Frost


  3. The Web Ahead № 72

    With Jen Simmons

  4. Happy Monday № 66

    With Sarah Parmenter and Josh Long

  5. The Big Web Show № 113

    With Jeffrey Zeldman

  6. The East Wing № 69

    With Tim Smith

  7. The Frequency № 94

    With Tim Smith

  8. Unfinished Business № 1-35

    With Anna Debenham and Andy Clarke


  9. The Web Ahead № 38

    With Jen Simmons

Published Articles

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    Be your own boss

    Cover article

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    The Secrets of Time Tracking Success

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    Getting Started With Pattern Libraries

  4. 24 ways

    Get Started With GitHub Pages (Plus Bonus Jekyll)

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    Unwrapping the Wii U Browser

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    Testing Websites in Game Console Browsers

  7. 24 ways

    Front-end Style Guides

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    Building prototypes in HTML and CSS