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Creating and Maintaining Style Guides for Websites

Style guides, once the exclusive domain of print designers, are now finding their way onto the web. In this book, you'll learn about the style guides that have been created specifically for websites, and how to make and maintain your own.

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Includes .epub, .mobi and .pdf files.

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About me

Hi! I'm Anna and I'm based in London in the UK. I was a Director of Product at Snyk, and before that, I was a Front-end Developer. In 2013, I was awarded Netmag's Young Developer of the Year.

In 2015, I co-hosted a small-batch podcast with Brad Frost on Front-end Style Guides, and I've written a book on the topic. I'm also interested in the browsers on various game consoles, and I've made a site documenting these.

I was a Technical Editor for A List Apart, and Technical Editor of the second edition of Ethan Marcotte's Responsive Web Design.

Every December, I co-produce 24 Ways.

Questions? Ask me anything.