I will have to be brief because I feel riddled with guilt whenever I spend time doing anything other than revision.

So this is the second week of exams. Last week I did my Module 4 ICT exam, which was… well… the questions were quite reasonable, apart from the one asking me to describe the ‘behaviour’ of a computer system which threw me a bit. I was feeling great at the beginning of the exam and pacing myself well (even writing legibly!) Last year I rushed and finished in half the time and spent the remaining hour fretting because I thought I hadn’t been given all of the questions.

Half-way through the question paper, my hand felt as though it was going to drop off (the result of not having used a pen in weeks, and not having written more than a paragraph by hand since the AS exams last year). So my answers were not as well thought out, and I think I fell into my bad habit of making up words when I can’t find one that works well in the sentence.

I finished with just 5 minutes to spare and checked through the paper to see if I’d labeled all the question numbers correctly. I then realised I’d missed out a question and spent the remaining 30 seconds scribbling an answer between the lines. Oh dear.

Up next is my Media exam on Thursday which involves writing two essays in response to questions based on Audience, Representation or Genre. Then on Friday I have a 4 hour exam paper in the morning for Design & Technology. I don’t know what this will contain because it’s a completely new syllabus ..which is a bit daunting.. Then Friday afternoon I’ll be sitting my Module 5 ICT exam. Fun fun fun. So that’s 6 hours of exams in one day. The morning one will probably run over lunch too, so I’ll have no time to eat :(

But after Friday, it will be all over. Then I will have the rest of the Summer to worry about things like getting a job so I can buy shoes that don’t have holes in them