A few months ago, I was asked by the head of the Spanish department at my school whether I could make a preloader for some Flash audio lessons he’d made. I guess word must have got round the staff room that I knew a bit about the software! He explained that he ran a website called Proidiomas teaching people who speak Spanish how to speak English. After sending him the functioning preloader, he asked me to do some other projects including making a Flash game and redesigning his website. So here’s how it went…

CD case design

Some of the audio lessons are available for download on my client’s website, and the full set are available on a CD. He didn’t have any specific preferences for how it should look, but simply needed the design to look ‘professional and modern’. I had a look at other English language websites and CDs, most of which seemed to have London landmarks like Big Ben and red telephone boxes. I chose a picture of the London Eye because it is a modern landmark and an interesting shape.

Photo of Proidiomas CD case.

The image was taken by Oliver Wardell who was kind enough to give me permission to use his photo.

image of the Proidiomas cd design.

Above is an image of the disc design. I chose to use blue and silver as the branding, and a sans serif font because of the modern and professional connotations.