Unfinished Business


Anyone who knows me well knows I love listening to podcasts. I've been listening to them since I got an iPod when I was 16. I have Boagworld to thank for getting me into the industry. I'd never even considered web design as a career before then.

So I'm really excited to announce I'm going to be a co-presenter with Andy Clarke on a new show called Unfinished Business. It's a show we've been planning for a while.

The show is going to be focused on the business aspects of web design, because it's something that not a lot of people talk about (maybe because it seems too risky or boring a topic). We'll talk about things like starting out, contracts and rates. We'll chat with guests who run their own business, and we'd like to answer your questions (send us a tweet at @unfinishedbz).

My aim with doing this podcast is to give lots of advice to people starting out on their own, or who already run their own business. In doing that, I'm also hoping it will help me be a more confident speaker because it's something I still find really, really, really scary. Speaking on a podcast is still incredibly daunting, but to me a little less so than standing in front of lots of people and giving a talk.

I want to thank Paul Boag for being the one who got me into the industry, and he still hosts a wonderful podcast which you should listen to. Also Jen Simmons for kindly inviting me on her show, The Web Ahead, which I love listening to and being on it made me want to do a podcast. Also thanks to Dan Benjamin who runs the 5by5 podcast network because he hosts so many inspiring podcasts that I love like Back to Work with Merlin Mann, and Hypercritical with John Siracusa (now finished at its 100th episode but what a fun ride that was).

So yeah, I hope you like our show, and sorry if I'm ever quiet or mumble, I'm trying to get better at stuff like that!

Oh, and if you want to be a sponsor, get in touch!