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£7,500 + VAT for a new talk on a topic we agree on, or £3,500 + VAT for one of my current talks, plus travel and accommodation. Full terms…

Get in touch at anna@maban.co.uk

Photo of me giving a talk
Photo by Geri Coady

I've given over two dozen talks around the world about the things I'm passionate about. When I give a talk, I try and tailor it to the event, so it's really great if you can tell me a bit about your audience beforehand (Is English their first language? Are they mainly designers/developers? Are they at the start of their careers?).

These are the topics I'm currently speaking about:

I'm highly conscious of the need for conferences and meetups to offer a safe space for speakers and attendees, so I only speak at events that have a published and enforced Code of Conduct.

Upcoming and past events

  1. Smartweb

    Bucharest, Romania

    Front-End Style Guides

  2. DIBI

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Game Console Browsers

  3. Enhance

    London, England

    Game Console Browsers

  4. SmashingConf

    Spain, Barcelona

    Game Console Browsers

  5. Fronteers

    Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Front-end Style Guides

  6. WebExpo Prague

    Czech Republic, Prague

    Front-end Style Guides

  7. From The Front

    Italy, Bologna

    Front-end Style Guides

  8. UpFront Conference

    England, Manchester

    Game Console Browsers

  9. Dot York

    England, York

    Style Guides

  10. Lean UX London

    London, England

    Front-end Style Guides

  11. The Web Is

    Wales, Cardiff

    The Web Is Everywhere

  12. Generate

    England, London

    What We Can Learn From Game Console Browsers

  13. Mobilism

    Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Console Browsers, The Ultimate Torture Test

  14. Responsive Day Out

    England, Brighton

    Playing with Game Console Browsers

  15. Full Frontal

    England, Brighton

    Exploring the game console browser landscape

  16. Update

    England, Brighton

    The Digital Native

  17. Computing At School Conference

    England, Birmingham

    How to hack the web

  18. The Mini Web Conference

    England, Staffordshire

    Experience from a Web Designer

  19. Heart & Sole

    England, Portsmouth

    Starting out in the big wide web

  20. Be Bettr

    England, London

    The state of web education in schools

  21. Mozilla Drumbeat Festival

    Spain, Barcelona

    The current state of web education in schools

  22. Web Developer Conference 2010

    England, Bristol

    So you want to be a web developer

  23. London Web Standards

    England, London

    Web Standards Education

  24. Future of Web Design

    England, London

    Freelancer Survival Guide

  25. Barcamp London 7

    England, London

    CSS Nuggets

  26. Tomorrow's Web

    England, London

    A Teenager's Guide to Freelancing


  1. UX Bootcamp

    England, London

    Prototying in Code

  2. UX Bootcamp

    England, London

    Prototying in Code