Game console browsers talk

25-50 minutes


  • A quick preview of the different types of style guides.
  • Overview of the devices that are out there that have browsers
  • Who uses the browsers on these devices, how many people use them, and why they use them.
  • How people use these devices and in what context.
  • The quirks and capabilities of these devices.
  • Why performance is so vital.
  • Why device silos and browser sniffing aren't sustainable.
  • How to build sites that works with a range of inputs.
  • How to design for a range of screen shapes and sizes.


We’re now living with a huge number of devices with browsers, from game consoles to smart watches, printers to cars. That range is only going to get weirder.

It may be convenient to disregard the browsers in these devices as being a novelty, but people are using them. In 2011, Ofcom reported that in the UK, 20% of 16-24 year olds use their game console to visit websites.

Browsing the internet on these devices presents us with new challenges, such as building sites that could be interacted with using voice, gesture, a second-screen, using a d-pad or a stylus. Considering how your site will be used by people on these devices will not only benefit your current users, but also prepare you for people using devices that don’t exist yet.

It’s time to look beyond desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers.

Preview the slides


Of all the talks I see, @anna_debenham’s are always packed with excellent data supporting her content. Superb as usual at #mobilism


Great presentation on lower end devices with lots of stat data and screenshots and very detailed info by @anna_debenham #mobilism


Very interesting insights from Anna Debenham on browsing the web using game consoles. Exciting challenges! #mobilism


Incredible knowledge of console browsers and compatibility from @anna_debenham! Thank u! #thewebis


Where I've given this talk

  1. Fronteers

    Netherlands, Amsterdam

    Front-end Style Guides

  2. WebExpo Prague

    Czech Republic, Prague

    Front-end Style Guides

  3. From The Front

    Italy, Bologna

    Front-end Style Guides

  4. Dot York

    England, York

    Style Guides

  5. Lean UX London

    London, England

    Front-end Style Guides