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I started my consultancy business in 2008. During that time, I've had the opportunity to help work on some incredible projects with Snyk, Clearleft, The Wellcome Trust, Government Digital Service, Code for America, The University of Surrey, and many more.

I've written a book about Front-end style guides, and I give talks around the world about best practices in web development.

Hands-on product consultancy

I specialise in working with early-stage tech startups who are building developer tools. The teams I work with often don't yet have a product team, and are looking for a leg-up in this area before they feel ready to hire.

My approach is to join the team for 3 days a week for a month for hands-on product support. This often includes building processes to gather and analyse customer needs, running effective internal enablement with other teams, and helping the founders understand what to prioritise. Sometimes I assist in hiring the startup's first product person.

I've got an engineering background, so I'm confident getting stuck in on the technical details and using a bunch of different tools, and I've also got experience on the design side, so I'm happy collaborating with designers, too. I'm versed in common collaboration tools such as Figma, Miro, Slack, Jira, Notion and Airtable.

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Technical editing

As well as working with clients on websites, I also do tech editing for publications. I'm on the team at A List Apart and 24 ways as a tech editor, and I was Ethan Marcotte's tech editor for the second edition of his book Responsive Web Design. I'm currently tech-editing two titles that have yet to be released.

I tech edit work that's still in the outline phase, and also work that's nearly ready to publish.

When I'm sent a piece to tech edit, the main thing I do is check that what's being said is correct to the best of my knowledge. I'll test any code in different browsers, and also add comments where I think something needs to be explained more fully.

Unlike a copy editor, I won't correct spelling or gramatical mistakes, nor will I do line-edits, but I'll often act as a second pair of eyes and flag things that I want the copy editor to look at.

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Get in touch at anna@maban.co.uk

Anna is one of the most incisive and thoughtful technical editors I’ve ever worked with. Her impossibly keen eye strengthened the second edition of Responsive Web Design significantly. I’d work with Anna again in a heartbeat.

Ethan Marcotte, Author of Responsive Web Design


I've given over a dozen talks around the world about the things I'm passionate about. When I give a talk, I try and tailor it to the event, so it's really great if you can tell me a bit about your audience beforehand (Is English their first language? Are they mainly designers/developers? Are they at the start of their careers?).

These are the topics I'm currently speaking about:

I live in London, 10 minutes from the Underground, 30 minutes from the Eurostar, and under and hour to the nearest airport, so it's pretty easy for me to get around. I'm also confident using public transport, and usually prefer that to a taxi.

I'm highly conscious of the need for conferences and meetups to offer a safe space for speakers and attendees, so I only speak at events that have a published and enforced Code of Conduct.

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£7,500 + VAT for a new talk on a topic we agree on, or £3,500 + VAT for one of my current talks, plus travel and accommodation. Full terms…

Get in touch at anna@maban.co.uk

Photo of me giving a talk
Photo by Geri Coady, taken at Update 2011